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ACD is the Belgian manufacturer of the 'ACD® Prestige hobby greenhouses'. ACD is active in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. We are currently looking to explore new markets. So if you or your company is interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for importers and distributors.

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Why buy a greenhouse?

A greenhouse purchase, means a battle with the climate. The climate can be controlled, by the possibility of obtaining a maximum of light and heat. The  following factor is extremely important: the number of ventilation windows, combined with a fairly wide entrance. A greenhouse is ventilated with namely the so-called chimney effect.

Can a greenhouse be used 12 months a year?

An ACD ® Prestige greenhouse will extend your growing season, both in spring and autumn. Throughout the year, the use of your greenhouse will largely depend on your geographical location, the location of your greenhouse and the availability of heating options. During the winter you can harbor frost sensitive plants in the greenhouse .


Belgian hobby greenhouse builder looking for partners 13/12/2016

Belgian hobby greenhouse builder looking for partners

ACD is looking for importers 29/08/2012

ACD is looking for importers...

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