Hobby greenhouse made of aluminum – the advantages

ACD® Prestige: the top quality greenhouse
The ACD® Prestige offers a great number of benefits compared to the other greenhouses on the market:

Closed tubular ridge bar:

Our ridge bar ensures an exceptional solid construction: no wind-, pressure-, and weight influences! Therefore this profile is the spine of your greenhouse.

Professional corner profiles:

These supporting columns of the entire construction were examined both to solidity and to sophisticated completion.

Inner and outer gutter:

Through the inner gutter (condensation gutter) there’s a fast drainage and therefore a lack of algal bloom and mildew.

Wind reinforcement profiles:

Extra strong wind reinforcement profiles on the front, back, sides and roof, which are always sealed on fixed points: extra security during wind blasts.

Aluminum corner plates:

The roof of an ACD® Prestige is extra stuck to front and side walls by aluminum corner plates in the four corners and the ridge: extra sticking property of the roof. The whole greenhouse construction forms a solid entity.

Bolts and nuts made of stainless steel:

Full construction of ACD ® Prestige the greenhouse with stainless steel bolts and nuts: sturdy and rust-proof attachment.

4 mm horticultural glass:

Extra strength and warmth in the ACD® Prestige greenhouse by using 4mm thick horticulture glass. Free choice of hammered or clear glass (no choice for the "best sellers"). The glass of   the ACD® Prestige is supported by industrial glazing bars.

Rubber strips:

The professional system in the ACD® Prestige greenhouse for the perfect suture of the glass. These rubber strips provide a water and windproof finishing touch.


Every ACD Prestige® conservatory has sufficient ventilation through one or more skylights and has a high and wide doorway.

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Belgian hobby greenhouse builder looking for partners

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