horticultural glass or safety glass

horticultural glass
- Maximum light transmission: up to 90% of the available light
- Solar glass keeps fixed
- Glass does not age
- Condensed water flows past the glass down so that no drops on plants fall
- Excellent resistance to scratches, corrosion, atmospheric and chemical agents, as well as cleaning and acid rain
- Little flexible, so firmly in the frame
- The combination glass / aluminum frame provides a sturdy whole
- Glass is recyclable
- Hammered glass in the roof breaks the sunlight so that the greenhouse is less chance of burning is + better spread of light
- Profitable investment

safety glass:
- All the benefits of horticultural glass, topped with:
- Hardened according to the European standard EN12150 hardening
- 7 times stronger than horticultural glass important to hail, working in the greenhouse, falling branches, snow load, ...
- Safe during assembly
- Safe for children playing
- In case of breakage, the glass breaks into small, relatively harmless pieces like a car window
- Maximum life
- Maximum safety
- Also hammered glass is tempered supplied
- Even better price / quality ratio
- No sharp edges

disadvantages horticultural glass:
- Fragile, large, sharp pieces
- Weight (rigid frame is required)
- Hard movable
- Sharp edges

disadvantages safety:
- More expensive than horticultural glass
- Impossible to cut
- Weight (rigid frame is required)
- Hard movable



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